Leisure Battery Information

Leisure batteries are used in many applications such as Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats, Solar equipment, Camper vans and many more. A leisure battery is basically a rechargeable portable power source.

Lead Acid Leisure Batteries

Lead acid leisure batteries are the most popular selling battery types. They can be very reasonably priced but you need to careful of the quality your purchasing. Most lead acid leisure battery types are sealed units these days so are completely maintenance free but many people get confused with the word "maintenance". The sealed batteries cannot be topped up with fluid but they do need to be charged regularly (maintained).

All batteries have their pros and cons. The pros with lead acid batteries are that they are very reasonably priced and come in many different sizes and ah (ampere hour rating). The new dual purpose leisure range of batteries are becoming more popular and we highly recommend them simply due to their strong plate design. The cons, they take longer to recharge and they should never be drained less than 30% of their capacity, so you never really get the full use out of the battery. Also you should always charge them at least once a month when not in use.

Agm Leisure Batteries

Agm (absorbed glass mat) leisure batteries are the latest deep cycle technology product. Inside the battery, the electrolyte is held in place by a fibreglass material. This makes the battery non-spillable, completely sealed and maintenance free. These Agm battery types can be drained as low as 10% of their capacity and charge very fast. You will need a charger that an Agm setting for these battery types. The price is slightly higher than lead acid but they do come with longer warranties and if looked after correctly, can last a long time.

These are very popular now on motorhomes with under seat fitment.

Gel Leisure Batteries

Gel batteries are less popular for general public use, mainly due to their high price. They have excellent deep cyclic ratings and can be drained almost completely. These batteries are used in many hospital equipment as they do not emit any gases whilst in use or on charge.

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