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We stock and supply a huge range of Motorcycle Batteries with FREE UK mainland delivery. We sell Varta, Numax and brands of Motorbike batteries.

Motorcycle Batteries

For our Motorcycle and Scooter battery range we have chosen to stock Varta Bike Batteries and Numax Motorcycle batteries for their brand strengths and affordability. Our range of high quality motorbike batteries covers budget scooter batteries through to high performance motorcycle battery requirements.

The Varta Funstart motorcycle batteries offer outstanding performance. As above these batteries suit motorbikes, quad bikes, jet-skis, motor scooters and many other performance battery needs. These include the popular 10ah battery alongside the powerful 14ah units.


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Motorcycle Battery Info

A motorcycle battery or motorbike battery is a small starter battery used to start motorcycles. Exactly like a typical car battery, it is made to give a strong burst of electrical power to start the connected engine. When this is achieved the motorcycle battery is then recharged by the motorbike's charging system.

Different sized motorbike batteries are required and are dependant on the size and power requirements of the bike's engine and electrical needs. Currently there are three different types of motorcycle battery technology in use. The initial battery technology used was the wet lead acid motorbike battery. This has electrolyte in each cell and is possible to spill if the battery is tipped beyond a certain angle or is placed upside down.

The latest motorcycle battery technologies are the AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) or the GEL filled battery. AGM bike batteries, also but less commonly known as Absorptive Glass Micro-Fibre, where their electrolyte is absorbed by a fibre-glass mat. This maintains the electrolyte in a liquid state inside the matting, making it readily available, so AGM batteries have the ability to be discharged and recharged more quickly than GEL batteries. Both the Gel bike batteries and AGM motorcycle batteries are sealed and unable to be spilt when tipped over. This means they can be installed in whichever position. Also, when bikes are in accidents or fall over, the battery maintains it's electrolyte inside the battery.



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