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How do AGM Car Batteries work ?

AGM means Absorbed Glass Mat.  AGM technology has been developing quickly over the past decade.  An increasing number of cars and vans are making use of the technology - so what is it all about ? AGM car batteries were created to solve a basic problem that arose when certain car electrical systems became too…
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A Brief History of the Lead Acid Battery

In 2012 the humble lead acid battery celebrated its 153rd birthday.  The principles on which a lead acid car battery works haven't changed much since then. In 1859 a French physicist called Gaston Plante demonstrated the world's first rechargeable lead-acid battery. To do so he took two long narrow sheets of pure lead, placed one,…
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Replace your leisure battery and set off on a winter trip this year

The majority of caravan owners only take their touring caravan off on a holiday or a break throughout the summer months, whereas a smaller minority see caravanning as an all year round activity or hobby. To cater for the audience who want to get away from it all in their leisure vehicles over the upcoming…
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