OPTIMA Red Top : RT S 4 2 Battery

ALL Batteries are Fully Charged, Load Tested, Crank Tested and Leak Tested before dispatch.

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  • Length (mm): 254
  • Width (mm): 175
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 200
  • Gross weight (kg): 17.2
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  • Product CCA (SAE): 815
  • Product Voltage: 12
  • Product Capacity (Ah): 50
  • Product Reserve Capacity (Ah): 100
  • Product Terminal Layout: T1
  • Product Warranty (Years): 4
  • Product Ampere Hours: 50



(BCI 34) Optima P/N : 802 250 000 888 2

Where machinery is used seasonally, the OPTIMA RedTop shows its outstanding starting capacity. Even if the battery has been left out in the vehicle over the winter, the RedTop will provide starting power the first time.

Starting power equivalent to batteries 2-3 times OPTIMA’s® size and weight
The key to the RedTop’s remarkable starting power is OPTIMA’s Spiralcell® Technology. This makes it possible to start heavy diesel engines with a battery, as compact as an ordinary automobile battery, which can be mounted in areas with very little space. This powerful package also shows unparalleled resistance to vibration, knocks and bumps. The RedTop’s robust, leak free construction stands up to the toughest conditions, without power interruption.

100% spill-proof and maintenance free

The looks alone generate plenty of excitement. Made for tuner, truck, SUV, and 4X4 vehicles: OPTIMA Batteries can withstand the high under-hood temperatures in vehicles with performance engines.  The sealed cells make the battery spill-proof, even if you install it on its side! There’s no chance of potential damage from battery acid. In addition, the patented Spiralcell® Technology in OPTIMA Batteries immobilises the internal components of the battery, enabling OPTIMA Batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration.

Optima Red Top AGM Batteries - The Ultimate in Performance. Optima Red Batteries are suitable for a wide variety of applications including Agricultural Vehicle, Construction / Plant Vehicle,Automotive Vehicle, Motorhomes and Generator Battery usage.

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