Waste Battery Collection Point

We are fully licensed with the Environment Agency, our scrap battery collection service covers many authorities and industries including Medical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Construction, Education, Scientific, Engineering, Research and Government facilities.

Since 1996 all used lead acid batteries across the UK have been classified as Hazardous Waste. Changes in UK law have made it illegal to discard of these types of batteries without disposing of them via an authorised waste battery service – for all enquiries contact us via email, freephone or mobile numbers listed.

You can dispose of most waste battery types at our premises below, including Rechargeable, AA, AAA, laptop ect.

2 Avenue Street, Stockport, Cheshire, sk1 2bz

What types of batteries do we collect?

We can organise the collection of bulk weights of all wet / flooded lead acid batteries including:


Leisure and Mobility Traction and Aux Power


Marine Engine, Aux Power


UPS Backup Cells

Truck Engine, Traction and Aux Power

Valve Regulated (VRLA)

Commercial Traction and Aux Power




Industrial Traction and Aux Power

Emergency Lighting


Renewable Energy

Lead acid batteries include automotive Car & Van Batteries,  UPS Batteries, Industrial & Fork-lift Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, and Commercial Batteries. These can be regular lead acid, sealed lead–acid, Gel types, or AGM absorbent glass mat batteries. These are recycled by grinding them, and separating the polymers from the lead. The recovered materials are used in a variety of applications, including new batteries.


The lead inside a battery can be recycled. Elemental lead is toxic and should therefore be kept out of the waste stream.

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