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If you’re unsure which battery you require, see the example diagram on how to locate your existing motorcycle battery code, which will ensure you order the correct battery for your vehicle. If in any doubt call our experienced battery technical help line for assistance.

Please note: Some battery codes may be slightly different eg a NTX9, may be GTX9. Another example is YB16 may be CB16 depending on the brand of battery.

Know Your Battery Part Number Already? Type in the first 3 or 4 digits into our search! example: YB9B or CTX9 or YB16 etc

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The Numax range of Motorcycle, Quad & Scooter batteries are powerful, reliable and yet simple and cost effective, which is why they are an ideal choice when putting the battery through demanding conditions.

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Varta supply a huge range of Motorcycle batteries for performance bikes. The Varta Powersports AGM batteries are made to deliver maximum power and more cold starting performance.

Motorcycle Battery Guide

This catalogue is only to be used as a guide to help you find the correct battery for your motorcycle.
Once you have found the battery part number you must check the dimensions & terminal layout of the battery on our website against your existing battery before ordering.

From 1st July 2018, all Motorcycle Batteries that come with a separate acid pack must be filled before dispatch by the seller. Because of this, you must make sure you purchase the correct battery type as it will be non returnable.

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trickle charger 12v 500ma

12 Volt 500ma Trickle Battery Charger suitable for small motorcycle batteries, bait boat batteries, quad & jetski batteries, mobility & alarm batteries, lawnmower batteries & more.
This product is ideal for batteries that are not in constant use. It works by keeping the battery topped up and because of the 500mA output it is suitable for looking after a very wide range of small 12 volt batteries


Select your charger by the ampere hour rating of your bike battery ie a battery charger will have a charging range (example 2ah – 20ah). This means the charger will charge any batteries rated between 2ah and 20ah.

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