AGM Batteries

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AGM stands for absorbent glass mat. These battery types are currently being installed on the new stop start vehicles and other luxury vehicles on the market. They can also be very useful on performance cars that do low mileage or vehicles that have heavy electrical demands.

Stop start vehicles are becoming more and more popular due to the EU fuel emission campaign. The growing demand for AGM batteries has increased 14% in just 2 years in the United Kingdom alone.

The main car manufacturers using this technology at the moment are Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Nissan.


AGM technology outperforms standard flooded lead acid automotive batteries due to their high cold crank values and increased lifespan. AGM batteries use more of the surface area inside the batteries cells enabling faster turnover and higher cranking. The sealed unit design means they are spill and leak proof and totally maintenance free.

An AGM battery can also perform in very low temperatures, which is perfect for the British winters. Because AGM batteries have a unique cell separator, they can perform numerous starting cycles, which is ideal for stop start vehicles.

Is an AGM battery better than a standard flooded battery?

Yes, an AGM battery outperforms any standard flooded lead acid battery as it has higher CCA (cold cranking amps), can be left for longer periods without a charge and AGM batteries can be.

Can an AGM battery be mounted on its side?

Yes, an AGM battery is a sealed unit so cannot leak and requires no ventilation.

How long can an AGM battery last?

These battery types are guaranteed for 5 years but can last much longer.