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We supply all Start Stop Batteries including AGM and EFB battery types. Many vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and VW, from 2008 onwards use AGM Start Stop Batteries on some of their models.

Ford use the EFB battery types listed in our catalogue as the batteries need to be a lower height.

If you require any more information on Start Stop Batteries, please call our team on 0800 195 9897.

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Which Start Stop Battery Do I Need?

If your unsure to which AGM or EFB Start Stop Battery you require, you can simply measure your existing battery length & height and compare to one of the below batteries or call our expert team on 0800 195 9897.

For Ford Start Stop models, please see the EFB Battery List as these batteries are lower in height.

AGM Start Stop Battery Types
AGM Powerplus 027 Battery
AGM 096 Powerplus Battery
AGM Powerplus 110 Battery
Varta Batteries
EFB Start Stop Battery Types
advanced AGM brand small image
advanced AGM brand small image
Varta Batteries
efb 068 advanced xd
Varta Batteries
EFB 249 Battery
Varta Batteries
AGM Batteries Explained

AGM stands for absorbent glass mat. These AGM battery types are currently being installed on the new top of the range, stop start vehicles and other luxury vehicles on the market. They can also be very useful on performance cars that do low mileage or vehicles that have heavy electrical demands.

Stop start vehicles are becoming more and more popular due to the EU fuel emission campaign. The growing demand for AGM batteries has increased 14% in just 2 years in the United Kingdom alone.

EFB Batteries Explained

Enhanced flooded battery technology, increasingly referred to as EFB technology in the market, offers a cost effective solution for entry level Start-Stop vehicles. EU emissions targets for these vehicles are lower than those set for higher performance models.

This has led to manufacturers developing a battery technology that meets the demands of Start-Stop operation in a higher state of charge than expected from AGM technology, but lower than that expected from standard wet-flooded starter batteries.

Is an AGM battery better than a standard flooded battery?

Yes, an AGM battery outperforms any standard flooded lead acid battery as it has higher CCA (cold cranking amps), can be left for longer periods without a charge and AGM batteries can be.

Can an AGM battery be mounted on its side?

Yes, an AGM battery is a sealed unit so cannot leak and requires no ventilation.

How long can an AGM battery last?

These battery types are guaranteed for 5 years but can last much longer.