Battery Fitment Guide

Before you start

  • Obtain any Audio Equipment / Vehicle Alarm security codes before disconnecting the battery.
  • Remove the keys from the ignition.  On many vehicles damage may occur to the electrical systems or the microchip in the key if it is not removed while swapping batteries.
  • Disconnect any device that is plugged into the vehicle cigarette lighter unless it is a 9 volt battery saver or memory keeper device.
  • Please consult your vehicle handbook for any additional requirements.

Tools Needed : 1 x Socket Set  Time Required : 10 to 15 Minutes


  1. Remove the battery hold down / clamp.  This is usually just 1 retaining bolt.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery lead first.
  3. Disconnect the positive lead.
  4. Remove the old battery from the vehicle.  Put the new battery in its place ensuring the battery’s terminals are in the same orientation as the old battery.
  5. Connect the positive lead securely to the new battery first.
  6. Connect the negative lead making sure it is also refitted securely.
  7. Re-attach the battery hold down / clamp.
  8. Re-Set any Audio Equipment / Vehicle Alarm security codes.

Explosion Hazard

When charging batteries a gas called Oxyhydrogen is formed.  DO-NOT smoke or expose a charging battery to any form of spark or naked flame.  Be careful of any electrostatic discharges from any other equipment that you are using and avoid any possible short circuits.

Please note that Advanced Battery Supplies take no responsibility or liability for any accident or injury that happens whilst you are installing batteries.  All of our products are thoroughly checked and tested before dispatch.  Please check your product on arrival.  Any damage to the product after receipt will void any warranty and liability on our part.

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