Car Battery Charger

With the winter (2016) rapidly approaching, if you are a car owner that relies on your vehicles readiness i.e. for school runs, going to work, or general getting about, it will definitely make sense to invest in a GOOD CAR BATTERY CHARGER to extend the life of your car battery.

Here at Advanced battery Supplies we only sell Car Battery Chargers that are man enough for the job!

Having a Car Battery Charger at the ready may save the day one day.

Without going too much in to the science of it all, modern vehicles put a lot more demand on to the car battery because of all the gadgets you now find as standard, such as:

  • Standard lights etc
  • Sat Navs
  • Radios
  • On board computers
  • TVs/DVD/Tablet use
  • Multiple Phone chargers
  • etc

And here's another myth buster... the car alternator's cannot charge a flat battery... yep, I'll say it again... the car alternator's cannot charge a flat battery! (Don't believe us? check here) Some people think that if they have flattened the battery (leaving the lights on etc) they can charge it up by going on a long drive... not true. You will need to hook the battery up to a battery charger.



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