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Battery Chargers

We are one of the UK’s largest online retailer of Car Batteries, Van Batteries & Battery Chargers, we have determined that NOCO, NUMAX, VICTRON & CTEK are the best on the market to offer our clients. With many 1,000’s of items sold on a weekly basis we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your chosen Battery Charger. Please ensure you chose the right model for your requirements.

noco genius

We stock a range of Noco Battery Chargers From 6v, 12v & 24v types.

victron chargers logo image

We stock a range of Victron Energy Battery Chargers From 12v & 24v types.

numax logo

We stock a range of Numax Battery Chargers From 12v & 24v types.

ctek charger logo image

We stock & supply a range of 12 volt MXS CTEK Battery Chargers

The Most Popular battery chargers we sell
are the Noco Genius 5 & The Numax 121000L

Below are the most popular selling chargers on our site. We have the rating for each charger to show you what battery they are suitable for. example, if you have a leisure battery rated 110ah, the suitable charger would be the noco genius 5.

noco genius

Our Best Selling Charger Ideal For Batteries Rated 10ah – 120ah

noco genius

Ideal For Larger Batteries Rated at 10ah – 230ah

numax logo

Numax 10ah Rated Charger Suitable For Batteries 10ah – 135ah

ctek charger logo image

CTEK 5 Charger Rated For Batteries 1.2ah – 110ah

motorcycle charger cover image

Motorcycle Chargers

We stock a range of 12v Motorcycle Battery Chargers.

Mobility battery charger cover image

Mobility Chargers

We stock a range of Mobility Battery Chargers From 12v & 24v types.

golf battery charger cover image

Golf Chargers

We stock a range of Golf Battery Chargers From 12v & 24v types.

For best battery maintenance, please ensure that you do not completely discharge your battery, as this will make it difficult to re-charge and can damage the battery beyond repair. If you have any doubts call our technical advisers on 0800 195 9897

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