Trojan 6 Volt T-145 Battery

ALL Batteries are Fully Charged, Load Tested, Crank Tested and Leak Tested before dispatch.

£230.00 inc. VAT & free delivery

  • Length (mm): 264
  • Width (mm): 181
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 295
  • Gross weight (kg): 33
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  • Product Terminal Layout: TC0
  • Product Voltage: 6
  • Product Ampere Hours: 240
  • Product Deep Cyclic: Yes
  • Product Battery Lifespan (cycles): 1000+
  • Product Warranty (Years): 4
  • Product Terminal Types: Screw Thread



6 Volt Battery Specification
Trojan 6 Volt, 240 Ah : T-145

Long lasting, reliable, clean energy batteries suitable for 36 Volt Systems.  Trojan 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries are semi traction, deep cycle and durable with extended up-time and superior performance.

Maxguard Advanced Design XL Separator helps to protect the battery when in a state of partial charge which also allows for faster charging.  Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology gives sustained capacity and ampere hours resulting in superior battery performance for a longer time period.

* Operating temperatures fro -4 F to 113 F (-20 C to +45 C)

* Less than 3% self-discharge per month depending on storage conditions

* Superior deep-cycle performance

* Rugged and durable

* Lowest life cycle to cost ratio on the market

* Fully IEC compliant

* 10 year product life based on average usage

* Reduced corrosion

* ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing processes

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