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Leisure Batteries

Leisure Batteries are used in many applications such as Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats, Solar Equipment, Camper Vans and many more. A leisure battery is basically a rechargeable, portable power source. What size Leisure Battery do I need? For more information on leisure batteries Click on the more info button below.

In the section below simply choose a category thats relevant to your battery search. We’ve made it simple to purchase a leisure battery, you just need to check the dimensions of your existing before ordering.

Motorhome Leisure Batteries, Starter Batteries & Chargers

Caravan Leisure Batteries, Battery Boxes & Chargers

Low Height Campervan Leisure Batteries & Chargers

Boat & Marine Leisure Batteries, Starter Batteries & Chargers

High Performance & Deep Cyclic AGM Leisure Batteries

AGM & Lithium Off Grid Setup Batteries

Power Inverters & Hybrid Off-Grid Solar Systems

Solar Panels, Semi-Flexible & Rigid Frame

Battery Chargers Suitable For All Leisure Applications

Most Popular Leisure Batteries

NCC Verified Class A Batteries

NCC Verified Class B Batteries

NCC Verified Class C Batteries

Choose By Battery Brand

Powerplus Branded Leisure Batteries, High Quality At Low Prices

Hankook Branded Dual Purpose Leisure Battery Range

Numax Branded Leisure Battery Range

Lucas Branded Leisure Battery Range

Varta Branded Leisure Battery Range

Platinum Branded Leisure Battery Range

Other Popular Leisure Applications

Window Cleaning Machine Deep Cyclic Batteries

Electric Fence Leisure Batteries

Battery Boxes, Quick Release Battery Terminals & More

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