Which is the most popular car battery ?

The most popular car battery is the 063 Type (UK reference number) which is around 21 cm long x 17.5 wide x 17.5 high.  The 063 is a 12 volt car battery and generally delivers 42ah, 43ah or 44ah depending on the brand.

The reason that the 063 is the most popular seller on the market is the increasing number of small cars on the market with engines that range from 900cc to 1400cc.

Can I fit an 063 to a larger engine ?

Certainly with a car that has only basic onboard electrical equipment.  If the vehicle has sat-nav, power speakers, heated seats or basically any equipment out of the norm then an 063 may struggle to keep both the engine and in-car electrics happy.

My battery is a similar size but taller – which one is it ?

It would be an 012 Type (UK Reference) with 50Ah which is a shade over 10% more powerful.

Where can I buy a cheap 063 car battery ?


Where can I buy a cheap 012 car battery ?


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