Numax CXV30HMF – Low Profile 105Ah Deep Cycle Battery

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  • Length (mm): 325
  • Width (mm): 172
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 220
  • Gross weight (kg): 24
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  • Product Terminal Layout: T1
  • Product Terminal Diameters (Round Terminal Fitment): Positive : 19.5mm, Negative : 17.9mm
  • Product Voltage: 12
  • Product Ampere Hours: 105
  • Product Deep Cyclic: Yes
  • Product Engine Starter Battery: Yes
  • Product Battery Lifespan (cycles): 500
  • Product Warranty (Years): 4
  • Product Marine CCA (SAE) : 1000

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Numax 12 Volt, 105 Ampere CXV30HMF 'Low Height-Profile'

These batteries are designed for both starting and deep cycle battery applications.

Portable Energy for Solar Panels * Caravans * Motorhomes * Motor Movers * Yachts * BoatsNarrowboats * Trolling Motors * RV'sMotor Boats

Our Numax Leisure Batteries are generally intended for use with products such as TV's, video players / dvd players and a wide range of other portable and semi portable 12 volt Leisure and Marine appliances.

Most of these applications require a constant flow of power.  For this reason we would recommend the use of deep cycle / cyclic batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries can take hundreds of charging cycles and have a much greater service life than other types but tend not to deliver great cranking / 'burst' power.  They are very good for supplying constant levels of power over long periods of time.

    * Totally maintenance free

    * Completely sealed Silver Calcium Lead Acid Technology for Enhanced Safety

    * Up to 500 cycles

    * Magic Eye Charge Indicator

    * Heavy Duty

    * Comfortable and robust carrying handle

    * Vibration resistant casing

    * Anti Flash Back Safety Labyrinth (link to pic)

    * Low self discharge rate giving extended shelf life when not in use

    * Significantly enhanced cold cranking ability.

    * Starting capacity

    * Deep Cycle (can take deeper discharges during cycles)

    * Cyclic (can be used many times over)

    * Semi-Traction capable

    * Built in accordance to USA high specification rating

    * Perfect for Solar Installations and Wind Turbines

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