ABS LP110 Leisure Battery 110AH

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  • Length (mm): 354
  • Width (mm): 175
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 190
  • Gross weight (kg): 24
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  • Product Terminal Layout: T0
  • Product Terminal Diameters (Round Terminal Fitment): Positive : 19.5mm, Negative : 17.9mm
  • Product Voltage: 12
  • Product Ampere Hours: 110
  • Product Deep Cyclic: Yes
  • Product Battery Lifespan (cycles): 300
  • Product Engine Starter Battery: Yes
  • Product Warranty (Years): 2
  • Product Marine CCA (SAE) : 800
  • Product Suitable charger:  G3500 Smart Battery Chargerbattery charger g3500



ABS 12 Volt Low Profile LP110 Amp Leisure Battery - 'Low Height-Profile 110ah sealed'

This is a dual purpose battery and is suitable for Motor Movers, Outboard Motors and other leisure use for Caravans, Boats etc.

These are mainly used for lighting, water pumps and other small wattage equipment. They can also be used with inverters.

This battery is not suitable for use with huge electrical demand applications such as heaters and other large wattage equipment.

These compact batteries are designed for deep cycle battery applications where ordinary leisure batteries do not quite fit.  Each battery has a lower height profile than normal which allows it to be installed into smaller spaces.

    * Totally maintenance free

    * Completely sealed Technology for Enhanced Safety

    * Heavy Duty

    * Comfortable and robust carrying handle

    * VRLA style casing

    * Deep Cycle (can take deeper discharges during cycles)

    * Cyclic (can be used many times over)

    * Semi-Traction capable

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