Advanced LP85 AGM Leisure Battery 85ah 12v

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agm leisure battery LP85

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  • Length (mm): 278
  • Width (mm): 175
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 190
  • Gross weight (kg): 21
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  • CCA (SAE): 850
  • Voltage: 12
  • Ampere Hours: 85
  • Terminal Layout: T0
  • Warranty (Years): 5
  • Terminal Types: Round Post
  • Deep Cyclic: Yes
  • Engine Starter Battery: Yes
  • Battery Lifespan (cycles): 500
  • Suitable charger:  G3500 Smart Battery Chargerbattery charger g3500


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Product Description

The Advanced AGM LP85 leisure battery is a low profile height 85ah dual purpose battery type. This battery can used for deep cycle use and for starting applications such as Motor Movers, Outboard Motors etc.

This absorbed mat technology sealed unit is popular for Motorhomes, Camper vans and many other applications.

AGM Leisure batteries can be drained using 80% of their capacity. They can also be charged almost 3 times as fast as a conventional standard wet flooded leisure battery.

These AGM Leisure range drain at a slower rate, this enables the user get more out of the battery before a recharge.

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